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Niveles de Alerta Antiterrorista en España. Nivel Actual 4 de 5.

Niveles de Alerta Antiterrorista en España. Nivel Actual 4 de 5.
Fuente Ministerio de Interior de España

domingo, 14 de junio de 2020

2016 EMS World Innovation Awards Article Nov 29, 2016

2016 EMS World Innovation Awards Article Nov 29, 2016

Verificacion Intubacion por Detector de CO2-Colorimetria by @drramonreyesmd Les peramos en TELEGRAM con este y otros temas SOCIEDAD IBEROAMERICANA DE EMERGENCIAS
Mas sobre Manejo de Vias Aereas e Intubacion

We are proud to announce the recipients of the 2016 EMS World Innovation Awards. The awards recognize the industry’s most innovative products of the year that were on display at the 2016 EMS World Expo, October 3–7 in New Orleans, LA, as selected by a panel of judges from the EMS World Editorial Advisory Board and EMS World Expo faculty.

Read on for product details and our judges’ assessments of these technologies that are transforming prehospital care and operations.

The 2017 EMS World Expo will be held October 16–20 in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, visit

e-Bridge from GD

“This system connects street to hospital, medic to medical center and, in the era of EMS 3.0, will become a standard of care in the transmission of decisions and data while strengthening the links in the chain of survival and patient outcomes.”

e-Bridge, GD’s award-winning mobile telemedicine system, now has the ability to securely capture and send vital signs, medical data and images for consults between providers in the field and physicians with a new added dimension for better patient care. Parameters acquired by an array of medical devices such as monitors, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, weight, ultrasound, otoscope and more can now be combined with text, forms, voice, pictures and live video for complete documentation of a patient’s condition for mobile integrated healthcare, community paramedicine and emergent EMS calls—mobile telemedicine at its best. For more information, visit

Virtual ECG Simulator from Vizitech USA

“Hands-on education in EMS can be a difficult commodity to come by, especially in rural or low-volume areas. This simulator allows you to explore the intricacies of the heart from a desktop computer. The 3D modules are responsive and engaging, bringing new depth and visual learning to prehospital care concepts.”

The Virtual ECG Simulator utilizes the only portable, desktop virtual reality machine made today—Zspace. This is a first-of-its-kind system that allows students to place virtual ECG leads on a virtual human body, see inside the heart and see the resulting ECG output. This movement into virtual reality training for medical and emergency personnel creates a convergence of medical knowledge and advanced visualization to bring clear insight into the education and science of 12-lead electrocardiography. For more information, visit

S-CUT from First Line Technology

“The S-CUT gives rescuers the ability to quickly and safely slice through heavy-duty garments and gear without struggling, saving precious minutes when it comes to accessing a patient for immediate care.”

S-CUT is designed for use on patients in rescue situations, as well as emergency situations in hospitals. It is a fast way to remove the patient’s clothes in order to expose injuries without needing to change the patient’s position, which could inflict further injury or unnecessary pain.

S-CUT replaces scissors, knives and similar tools. Ordinary fabrics, as well as leather belts, zippers and heavy outerwear, can be easily cut. S-CUT is designed for optimal ergonomics and provides an excellent grip. Using scissors on heavy materials will most often require a lot of effort.

The S-CUT is used with a pulling action requiring minimal effort. The circular cutting blade is recessed in order to protect the patient and user from injury. The cutting blade can be easily replaced without the need for any additional tools. Its few parts can be easily removed and reassembled, making the cleaning process easy. For more information, visit

Crossover Ambulance from Malley Industries

“Unique design incorporated into a front wheel drive chassis that provides for increased head room and lower loading heights while maintaining storage.”

The Malley Crossover Ambulance has an innovative interior. This revolutionary ergonomic design has moved away from traditional solid construction (wood/mica, aluminum, fiberglass) to an energy-absorbing, non-rigid but rugged thermoformed interior that enhances the safety of the patients and attendants. The lightweight thermoformed conversion maximizes the Ram ProMaster’s interior by conforming to the vehicle’s interior dimensions, eliminating dead space and increasing payload, thereby lowering vehicle operating costs. It’s the only Type ll that can transport a bariatric patient and meet KKK standards for aisle space. With front wheel drive, it has dramatically lowered the floor height to 21”, making entrance and egress easier and safer for patients and attendants.

The innovative slide-out stair chair and rear equipment stack compartments eliminate the need for medics to step into the vehicle to retrieve critical equipment, and the ability to carry an M, H or K oxygen tank enhances patient care on long-distance transfers.

Malley exhibited a Crossover Ambulance at the 2016 EMS World Expo in New Orleans. At that time, they also introduced their newest ambulance on a mid-roof Ford Transit, which incorporates many of the state-of-the-art design and ergonomic features this innovative manufacturer brought forward with their Crossover ambulance. For more information, visit

North American Rescue Bleeding Control Kits from Bound Tree Medical

“This bleeding control kit is well packaged and easy to rapidly deploy. It contains everything you need for emergent hemorrhage control in a ready-to-use kit.”

Contained in a compact, rugged, vacuum-sealed pouch, this lifesaving kit provides intuitive and easy-to-use tools that are proven to help save lives, including the fastest, safest and most effective prehospital tourniquet in the world, the CAT, quality gauze, shears and pressure dressings/bandages. Step-by-step “just in time” pictorial instructions are included so even untrained providers can help save a life.

NAR Individual Bleeding Control Kits are available in Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced OTC configurations.

The NAR Individual Bleeding Control Kit provides lifesaving bleeding control equipment such as tourniquets, pressure dressings and gauze bandages and puts them into the hands of the public to help control bleeding and save lives. For more information, visit

Hydrogen Cyanide Monitor from Airspace Monitoring Systems, Inc.

“This stable, affordable and extremely portable device will allow firefighter and EMS crews to better protect themselves from hydrogen cyanide.”

It’s not enough to look for just CO anymore. As we learn more about the toxic twins—CO and HCN—we are becoming more aware of how important it is to be able to measure both of these dangerous gases.

Now, it’s affordable to be sure your rehab is set up beyond the perimeter of this dangerous gas, and to know if significant levels of this lethal gas are in the soot and particulate matter clinging to the clothing and gear of those who might have been rescued from or are being rehabbed before returning to fight an active fire.

The AI-1400 HCN (hydrogen cyanide) monitor is all solid-state and therefore requires no routine bump testing, no calibration and offers a five-year sensor life that is warrantied. For more information, visit

IQ Mobile from EMS Technology Solutions, LLC - Operative IQ

“IQ Mobile allows agencies to use existing portable devices, whether Apple- or Android-based, to better track their inventory and assets at a far lower cost than traditional computer-linked scanners and tracking devices.”

IQ Mobile allows you to break away from the computer and perform inventory and asset management functions. IQ Mobile allows you to receive, issue, count and transfer inventory from your phone or tablet, as well as perform asset maintenance and check out equipment. The optional Bluetooth laser barcode reader provides added speed and efficiency when barcode scanning. The IQ Mobile app is available on iTunes and Google Play and is free for Operative IQ users, saving them over $2,000 when compared to traditional mobile devices.For more information, visit

XHale Assurance Nasal Alar SpO2 Monitor from Bound Tree Medical

“Finally an alternative for SpO2 monitoring when you can’t get a signal from the fingers, toes or even earlobes.”

The XHale Assurance Nasal Alar SpO2 Monitor fits comfortably on the nare of the patient, allowing consistent SpO2 monitoring access, convenient in situations where circulation is less than optimal in the fingertips. For more information, visit

HapMed Tourniquet Trainer from CHI Systems, Inc.

“This system makes tourniquet training real! Its real-time feedback system helps providers learn how important it is to increase application pressure and understand the consequences of incomplete application.”

The HapMed Tourniquet Trainer is the closest thing to practicing tourniquet application on a live patient. When first responders feel the actual torque required to stanch bleeding from an extremity wound, they gain an understanding of the difficulty of the skill, and the experience and confidence to stop the bleeding during a real-life emergency.

A well-practiced skill such as tourniquet application may require tens or hundreds of training trials, but there are few existing opportunities to get extensive hands-on practice. HapMed’s unique hands-on training approach allows first responders to repeatedly practice proper use of a tourniquet until the skill is mastered.

The system features an instrumented manikin leg amputated at the knee with an illuminated wound site, instead of liquid blood, to simulate bleeding. As the tourniquet is tightened, the lights go out to show blood flow is reduced. This design provides the benefit of no messy cleanup after each trial. Performance feedback on tourniquet position, tourniquet pressure, elapsed time, patient health status and blood loss is displayed on the built-in touch screen.

Tourniquet application varies depending on the patient’s size and the situation. HapMed trains first responders to effectively perform this lifesaving procedure on different body types and in different situations. The system includes seven built-in training scenarios that progress the trainee through increasing levels of difficulty. Scenarios include standard and ‘high and tight’ placement for providing care in both safe and dangerous situations. A two-tourniquet scenario is also built-in, as well as the ability for the instructor to create and save custom scenarios.

In addition to the integrated touch screen controls, which allow the device to be used on a stand-alone basis, the system can be controlled via a mobile device using the HapMed app for Android. For more information, e-mail

Max Life Clinic Cases

“This product and those that will follow are the future of EMS and will play a major part in our evolution into a mobile, integrated and patient satisfaction-centered operating environment. This product delivers the patient to the appropriate clinician without moving an inch and is the way of the future.”

What makes Max Life Clinic Cases new and innovative is the inclusion of live-streaming video, audio and diagnostic devices from a patient’s home or remote location to a hospital or clinic.

Live streaming is done through a wireless data connection that can still stream perfectly even while on low bandwidths or in areas where cellular service is poor. This can allow rural patients access to the care of hospital physicians and specialists who could be hundreds of miles away, yet still able to see, hear, diagnose and treat the patient.

The design is updated and components of the case are more rugged with better connectivity and more peripherals integrated to better aid in patient diagnosis. For more information, visit from Limmer Creative

“Limmer Creative’s offers a low-stress environment that incorporates a comprehensive approach, making it unique from sites that can only offer automated feedback. The amount and types of interactive resource material available are designed to educate all learner types.” is the only exam preparation on the market to employ multiple methods to empower students to succeed. offers the traditional practice questions and topical diagnostic exams for NREMT categories, as well as an exclusive Interactive Exam Review where students take small quizzes and then watch a video explaining the nuances of each question.

Subscribers can participate in live “office hours” with educator and textbook author Dan Limmer that consist of a specific exam preparation topic and a chance to ask questions. The site also includes Fast Fact Study Guides for a quick review of vital material, webinars with nationally recognized guest presenters, as well as a variety of custom videos produced just for Subscribers may also choose to receive over 33 insightful audios lectures on key EMS topics.

Since the launch in April 2016, students who had previously failed the NREMT exam have contacted the company with news of their success after using the subscription product. It’s the “holy grail of EMS test prep,” remarked a successful NREMT fourth-time test taker. also offers free resources for educators including more than 25 active learning exercises, webinars (live and recorded) and a curriculum correlation guide for using Limmer Creative’s high-quality products in the EMS classroom.For more information, visit

E-Z O2 Lift from Braun Industries, Inc.

“Innovative, robust design combining ease of use, safer O2 exchange and increased storage space in a design without the need for electric power with reduced moving parts.”

The latest innovation from Braun Industries is the E-Z O2 Lift, a compact oxygen cylinder lift and storage compartment. While an oxygen lift is not a revolutionary idea in the EMS industry, Braun engineers spent much time evaluating the current market options and improving on them for the design and release of the E-Z O2 Lift. This built-in hydraulic cylinder lift offers a smaller footprint than traditional lifts. It is also less cumbersome than an electric scissor lift option.

The E-Z O2 Lift utilizes a nitrogen-filled gas spring to raise and lower the oxygen bottle into a stowed position without electrical components, eliminating work safety hazards and back injuries associated with lifting heavy oxygen bottles. It also protects your module by reducing damage to the ambulance compartment, as the tank carefully moves in and out of the box. The E-Z O2 Lift also frees up space by storing the bottle in the compartment door to maximize the storage area for lifesaving equipment.

The E-Z O2 Lift is available for integration into all Braun ambulance models. Departments concerned about the forthcoming SAE, CAAS and NFPA 1917 ambulance standards are encouraged to include the E-Z O2 Lift option in their next emergency vehicle design and purchase. For more information, visit

HeartiSense from I.M.LAB

“In education, feedback is the key to success. By allowing instructors to turn existing CPR manikins into smart manikins, HeartiSense increases the learning potential of every student-manikin contact.”

HeartiSense provides a new experience in CPR training, making your existing manikin smarter. This innovative, high-tech CPR training and evaluating system enables quality CPR, using table-based interactive graphics and aural feedback to increase students’ engagement and enable accurate and effective training and assessment.

HeartiSense has simple yet powerful functions and can be attached to most existing manikins. You can get real-time feedback on compression depth, position, rate, flow fraction, breath and even interval time between compression and artificial respiration and so forth.

HeartiSense apps can be installed on your iPad or any other mobile devices. They provide real time interactive visual and audible feedback, enabling a more accurate and effective training experience for the student. The system features virtual scenarios to enhance the training experience and provide immediate interactive feedback. The software provides the instructor with the ability to monitor, coach and evaluate multiple students at the same time. Instructors will be better equipped to monitor and manage their students. Students will learn faster and retain their skills longer.

The system manages and digitalizes data. All data collected by the HeartiSense system can be transferred to HeartiSense LMS, which can provide detailed results of assessment, an assessment sheet and certificate that can be printed. This system minimizes the amount of handwritten paperwork and maximizes the instructors’ efficiency in managing trainees. For more information, visit

iNLine Fastening System for iNX from Ferno

“This fastening system combines ease of use with the ability to quickly remove for cleaning, while meeting the latest cot retention standards.”

The Ferno iNLine Cot Fastening System has been dynamically tested and is fully compliant with new ambulance safety requirements from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The in-line design eliminates the need to steer the cot when loading and unloading. The iNLine fastener can accommodate extreme loading and unloading approach angles.

The iNLine fastener with ICS provides in-the-fastener charging to the iNX. iNLine fits Ferno Stat Trac and Stryker Power-LOAD floor plates for interchangeability between vehicles. The iNLine fastener is easy to remove for cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance. For more information, visit

Trauma Randy Overlay from Simulaids

“Simulaids delivers another easy-to-deploy, realistic wounds simulation system that enhances simulation realism. This durable system can be applied to traditional simulators to transition them from medical to trauma simulation systems.”

This cost-effective advanced trauma training system is ideal for training staff to prepare for managing trauma stabilization. The bleeding system is easy to use, provides hours of training and features rapid changes in presentation for students and department members. Locating the stopping points of blood loss is time-critical for a trauma patient’s survival. The realistic Flash Moulage System is designed for easy, rapid-fire use. Deploy detailed moulages in seconds with the option of bleeding or non-bleeding presentation.

The system is built around Simulaids’ rugged Large Body Rescue Randy manikins and can be used with your existing equipment. The system can be easily cleaned up by flushing the lines, rinsing and drying. There are no glue or adhesives to clean up.

The core system is built around the Large Body Rescue Randy manikin’s torso. There is the option of expanding to arm and leg trauma with packable wounds and tourniquet application, as well as head trauma.

The Trauma Randy Overlay comes with four bleeding moulages: one deep-bleeding packing wound, three shallow-bleeding wounds and one third-degree burn. The complete bleeding system overlay includes ports to support the optional flash moulage arm, leg and head. The external blood management system and foot pump with gravity tank will work with clotting and non-clotting blood. For more information, visit

iNTraxx System from Ferno

“Forward-thinking design moving completely away from traditional cabinet systems. Safety is incorporated in the tracks, latches and storage, while being able to quickly rearrange for single-vehicle multi-use.”

The iNTraxx Integrated Vehicle Component System provides SAE-compliant safety for providers and patients and efficiency that reduces operating costs for agencies.

The iNTraxx system has been designed to secure loose equipment inside the ambulance and to allow medics to deliver patient care from a seated, restrained position. This reduces the risk of death and injury during crashes and sudden stops and hard maneuvers.

This modular system features wall-mounted tracks that secure a series of SafeMount Equipment Mounts, SafeCab Storage Cabinets, and SafePak Supply Bags. iNTraxx modularity supports better workflows and inventory management, which lowers operating costs. For more information, visit

NIO-Pediatric from PerSys Medical

“This rapidly deployable pediatric IO system is quick and easy to use. Its ergonomic design makes IO insertion fast and easy at an affordable price.”

When you need immediate vascular access, you can be confident that the NIO-Pediatric by PerSys Medical is complete and ready to use. The NIO-P is a sterile, spring-loaded, semi-automatic intraosseous device for vascular access in under 10 seconds. The NIO-P is a single-use device with a five-year shelf life, dual safety features and no exposed needle. Additionally the device features location arrows that aid in access site landmarking and an innovative stabilizer hub that adjusts according to the size of the patient and prevents over-penetration. For more information, visit

ICON 2.0 from Crestline Coach

“An exceptional combination of the latest in technology, systems and data transforming the workspace and operation of ambulances.”

The ICON 2.0 project is a unique collaboration between Allina Health EMS, Ferno and Crestline Coach, fulfilling Allina’s mandate of “building a better ambulance.”

The ICON 2.0 ambulance went through a rigorous two-year design and proof-of-concept process that utilized a team-based approach with industry experts, practitioners, ergonomists, engineers and manufacturing. The information collected from the field trials and practitioner surveys was used to redesign the ICON 2.0.

The design criteria gave specific attention to patient and provider safety, incorporating efficient and flexible storage location options. With flexibility in the storage locations of medical supplies, providers can streamline patient care while remaining seated and buckled.

ICON 2.0 innovations include:

Next-generation ICON 2.0 roll-cage aluminum body with a lower loading height and lowered body skirting encompassing a two-step side-entry door design, lowering the step height;
New ergonomic interior design allows providers to be seated in forward-facing bucket seats with three-point seat belts vs. traditional bench-style seating;
Removal of traditional cabinetry along the street-side wall and designed mirror image and ergonomically correct medic control centers on the street-side and curbside of the interior. This includes slide-out trays within arm’s reach, working surfaces, functional switches, oxygen outlets, power receptacles and suction units.
For more information, visit

uSmart 3200T Ultrasound System from Terason

“Point-of-care ultrasound has been revolutionizing emergency care inside the hospital for the past decade, and Terason has successfully taken it to the prehospital arena. Ultrasound has a future in EMS and Terason has developed a portable, durable, user-friendly device that will get it there.”

The lightweight, power-packed uSmart 3200T Ultrasound System is ideal for EMS providers in a variety of settings, from initial on-scene assessments to continuous en route monitoring during transport via helicopter or ambulance.

A fully featured complete diagnostic system with unparalleled ease of use, the system is intuitive and ready to go right out of the box, and can grow with users as they advance and become more proficient. It weighs less than 5 lbs., yet provides razor-sharp image quality and is fully equipped with all of the functionality EMS responders need, including fast boot-up time, 128GB shock-resistant solid-state hard drive, touch screen with intuitive Smart Gestures, ECG, and lung, nerve and vascular imaging presets. Terason’s unique uConnect remote capabilities allow transfer of images to emergency departments for immediate care upon arrival. For more information, visit

Peds Pearls from Pedi-Ed-Trics

“Good education is short, sweet, simple and even a little entertaining. Pedi-Ed-Trics is all that at a cost that allows virtually any agency to up their pediatric emergency care game.”

Can you spare five minutes a week to help save the life of a child? Or how about lessen your chances of a malpractice lawsuit? Be honest! The smaller the child, the higher the stress, and that’s what inspired pediatric nurse expert Scott DeBoer to develop this innovative book.

Peds Pearls: Tear-out Tips, Tricks & Treasures from the Trenches is truly an educator’s dream, offering one year of pediatric continuing education for only $1 per week. This pediatric emergencies review book consists of 52 bite-size, 11” x 17” full-color, real-life pediatric pearls that can be read in under five minutes and put into practice immediately. Peds pearls can be posted in the places that continuing education really gets done: bathrooms, break rooms and bulletin boards. For more information, visit

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