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Top 10 Trauma Articles of 2017 by Trauma System News

Top 10 Trauma Articles of 2017  by Trauma System News 

by Trauma System News 

Grupo en TELEGRAM Sociedad Iberoamericana de Emergencias

1. Stop the Bleed: 8 pitfalls to avoid in hemorrhage control Read
2. Trauma loop closure: 1 common mistake that can lead to a deficiency Read
3. Using data in trauma PI: 5 things most teams do wrong Read
4. Five ideas for improving geriatric trauma care from EAST 2017 Read
5. Thinking of quitting your job as a TPM? Do this first… Read
6. How to use TQIP Benchmark Reports to drive trauma PI Read
7. Pediatric verification for adult centers: 6 things the ACS needs to see Read
8. Registry Q&A: “What does the ACS expect regarding data validation?” Read
9. Is performance better, worse or flat? Know for sure with a P chart Read
10. Implementing Stop the Bleed training as an injury prevention program Read