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martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

C8 Non-Invasive Optical Glucose Monitor

C8 Non-Invasive Optical Glucose Monitor

C8 Non-Invasive Optical Glucose Monitor System Cleared for Sale in Europe (VIDEO)

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C8 MediSensors, a San Jose, California company, maybe making a bit of history by  receiving the European CE Mark for their Optical Glucose Monitor System. The firm’s  sensor uses Raman spectroscopy to non-invasively detect glucose in blood by shining light through the skin and detecting changes in the returning spectrum.
Once the sensor is attached to the skin it sends out regular readings wirelessly over Bluetooth to a smartphone, allowing for tight glycemic control and near instant alerts when glucose levels go outside preset parameters. It’s currently compatible with Android phones and an iOS app is expected to be available next year.
From the product page:
The C8 MediSensors monitor does not require constant recalibration to maintain sensor accuracy. Except for periodic baseline reference measurements, there is no need for ongoing finger sticks to constantly recalibrate the C8 MediSensors monitor. After being removed and put back on, the monitor will resume measuring glucose – no recalibration or sensor replacement required.
Our technique involves shining a monochromatic light source into the skin and detecting the scattered light. The colors generated by Raman scattering are very specific to the exact chemical structure of the molecules in the sample. The molecules’ various shapes, sizes, atoms, and types of chemical bonds will generate unique Raman spectra, a unique Raman “fingerprint” that can be used to non-invasively read and measure glucose.
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