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viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015

NEW 2015 "EWDTS Guidelines" European Workplace Drug Testing Society

NEW 2015 "EWDTS Guidelines"  European Workplace Drug Testing Society
The guideline committee has updated the guidelines for urine, oral fluid and hair. The EWDTS board has accepted these guidelines, which were presented at the EWDTS symposium 29th May, 2015 in Lisbon.

European Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing in Urine

European Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing in Oral Fluid

Guidelines Committee for Urine and Oral fluid:
Beck, Olof (Sweden); Bosch, Tessa (Netherlands); Carmichael, Duncan (UK); Fucci, Nadia (Italy);George, Claire (UK); Neuhofer, Michaela (Austria); Piper, Mark (UK); Salomone, Alberto (Italy);Schielen, Wim (Netherlands); Steinmeyer, Stefan (Germany); Taskinen, Sanna (Finland);Weinmann, Wolfgang (Switzerland)

European Guidelines for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing in Hair

The hair guidelines are based on the 2010 version published by Pascal Kintz and Ronald Agius (Guidelines for European workplace drug and alcohol testing in hair. Drug Test Anal. 2010 Aug;2(8):367-76)).
Guidelines committee for Hair:
Agius, Ronald (Germany); Baumgarter, Markus (Switzerland); Kintz, Pascal (France); Salomone, Alberto (Italy); Tsanaclis, Lolita (UK).


The guidelines will be now communicated within the members of EWDTS for feedback.
Please send any comments to the chairs of subcommittees by 30th June, 2015:
Please give comments on three levels:
  1. It would be better if you change... including change in the language.
  2. I strongly recommend this/these changes...
  3. If you do not change this/these, I think the guidelines are unacceptable.
The guidelines committee will process the comments and the board will accept the final versions in September, 2015.

The former versions of EWDTS guidelines have been approved by the Laboratory Committee of EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) as a technical document (category 4) and they can be accessed on their website. The approval for these new guidelines will be sought during next autumn.