sábado, 21 de julio de 2018

Russell PneumoFix® for treating tension pneumothorax

Russell PneumoFix®

The Russell PneumoFix™ has been designed by clinicians who understand the reality of treating tension pneumothorax and who appreciate the importance of traditional failings of using improvised equipment not designed for purpose.  The Russell PneumoFix™ has many features that make it a truly useful tool for the emergency care provider.
  • For medical professionals, use of the Russell PneumoFix™ is quick, simple and intuitive
  • Unlike the intravenous cannula, used historically in an improvised way for the management of tension pneumothorax, the Russell PneumoFix™ is designed and indicated  specifically for this purpose
  • The Russell PneumoFix™ has been designed to be inserted without the need for a scalpel or skin incision
  • The device incorporates a Veress-tipped needle to minimise risk of injury to lung tissue
  • 11cm long catheter – long enough to reach the pleural cavity of the vast majority of patients
  • Low pressure one-way valve – to allow air and fluid out but nothing in
  • Graduated markings and X-ray detectable catheter – for depth recording and accurate localisation at hospital
  • 12-Gauge catheter– allows for rapid venting of air in tension pneumothorax
  • Material chosen which minimises the risk of kinking of the catheter
With no fuss and no over-engineering, the Russell PneumoFix™ provides a cost-effective, simple and intuitive solution to allow this life-threatening condition to be dealt with quickly and effectively for the benefit of the patient.