jueves, 23 de agosto de 2018

HEMO Bandage "CHITOSAN" gauze

Coreleader Biotech produces chitosan fibers through a patented process which are woven into a strong hemostatic gauze that sustained the bleeding wound caring. This chitosan-based hemostasis product is approved to be used to temporarily control moderate to severe external hemorrhage of traumatic and surgical wounds. Its flexibility and soft texture make it ready to conform to various of wound types and locations.

1. Efficient control of severe bleeding.
2. Easy to apply and pack the bleeding wound.
3. High tensile strength to sustain the force of wound handling and vigorous blood flow.
4. Leave no residue to cause embolism
5. Biocompatibility
The product is intended to be used as a topical dressing to temporarily control moderate to severe external bleeding resulted from traumatic or surgical wounds.

US army trial report Open the full test report.