viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012


Ferno XT

Ferno XT

Product Category: Extrication
Ferno Product Code: FWE-XT1/2
The Ferno XT is a revolutionary utility board designed for rapid extrication and spinal
immobilisation in confined space areas and critical situations. It can accommodate a wide range of patients and clinical protocols including paediatric, special needs, bariatric, and pregnant women.
Key Features

• Fast extrication: less than 20 seconds with simplified application procedure.
• Easy application with four hi-visibility colour coded restraints and buckles
• Lightweight composite fibre board
• 100% x-ray translucent
• Easy to decontaminate
• Comes with QHI Quick Head Immobiliser with head/chin strap with storage pouch
• Dimensions: L 83 cm x W 30 cm
• Weight 2 kg

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Enlace estudio relaciona en formato pdf (Ingles)

Pre-Hospital Care Management of a Potential Spinal Cord Injured Patient: A Systematic Review
of the Literature and Evidence-Based Guidelines