lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Todd A. Soard, PhD, IEMSR-EMT-P Presidente Emergency Educational Training Institute International EETI

Todd Soard is president of EETI and also serves as the EETI school director. Mr. Soard is a Florida PHTLS Affiliate and is an EMS Instructor. Mr. Soard holds a degree in Public Health, Criminal Justice and Education. Mr.Soard is a Florida certified Paramedic, Texas licensed Paramedic, National Registered Paramedic, International EMS Registry Paramedic, Australasian Paramedic, Florida EMS Instructor, and a Florida Licensed Private Investigator. He is also the President of the International EMS Registry.
Mr. Soard began EETI in 1992 with a goal of providing quality, flexible and affordable EMS, Paramedic and RN programs. With his vast experience in the industry, Mr. Soard created EETI with the paramedic and EMS professional in mind from the inside out. As a result, EETI has become a known name in providing career and continuing education programs. In addition, Mr. Soard has a hands-on philosophy and is readily accessible and continues to teach various programs.
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